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Online Breathwork Event!

Explore The Power Of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness


6:30 PM PST 
August 3rd 

Can't make it? 
No worries, I'll send you a recording!

How long?

2 Hours

Too long?
Get a recording and skip to an actual breathwork

How much?


You will receive the e-mail with all the information and links within a few hours of checking out.

What is breathwork?

Simply said, breathwork is like 10 years of psychotherapy in 1 hour without you having to say a word. All you gotta do is lay down, cover your eyes, put your headphones on, listen to amazing music and breathe in the ways and rhythms that I will guide you with for about 45 minutes. You might shed a few tears and come out like a brand new person out of this experience. How does it work? This is what the first part of the event will be about!

What are you going to learn?

  • The roots of many of your problems (relationships, finances, careers)

  • Why things that you've tried haven't worked how you expected 

  • What actually works

  • Why breathwork is one of the most powerful healing modalities

  • Why you can't achieve your set goals and how to change that

  • How to connect to your higher-self

  • How to experience more joy and satisfaction of life

  • How to have more energy

  • How to heal chronic pain 

  • How to instantly improve your mental health 

What will happen after this workshop?

Emotional lightness and balance
Boost of energy, creativity and willpower
Relief of some psychosomatic symptoms
Realization of true goals and needs
Mental Clarity
Decreased inflammation in the body
Confidence about your own path
Release of some repressed subconscious material
Deep connection with yourself and with the outer world
Physical tension release

What do I need for this workshop?

1. 2 hours of your time
2. Phone/Laptop

3. Zoom App
4. Headphones
5. Place to lay down

Here's what some of my participants had to say!



“I am so thankful that I discovered Witalij and his breathwork class. I didn’t realize how much of an impact this would have on me. My entire state of being was different afterwards. I was suddenly calm and centered and at peace after. It was magical. I have recommended this class to many of my loved ones since my experience because I want everyone to experience this amazing healing.”



"This is some really powerful stuff... Everyone needs to do this to realize how much tension they have in their bodies and how many emotions they've suppressed throughout their life. Very powerful!"

RCS_4144-1_websize (1).JPG


"My husband and I did a private couples breathwork class with Witalij. I truly enjoyed his loving energy & his intelligence. He really knows his stuff and explained it so we felt prepared each step of the way.  I felt centered and connected to my self, my body, and my husband. We quieted our thoughts and came from our heart. It was a beautiful experience that allowed us connect to one another in a deeper and more profound way. I enjoy breathwork because it allows you to go outside of your thoughts and into deep state, no matter what."



"After one session with Witalij, I became a completely new person. All the negativity i was surrounded by stopped bothering me. I feel so much freedom with my body, my emotions, my breathing. I've never felt this way before. The amount of energy and focus I have is insane! If you are at the breaking point in your life, when all the hell breaks loose, you absolutely must get a session with Witalij!"

See you at the event! :)

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