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What is Witality™?

          Witality™ is an ever evolving complex of breathing, meditative, movement techniques, and philosophies that Witalij Martynow discovered on his healing journey that worked for him and that brought back the vitality to his own life. Witalij combines latest scientific research, eastern philosophies, indigenous teachings and his own ancestral ways of healing and maintaining wellbeing. The name Witality™ came from simply connecting the name Witalij and the word vitality.

Vitality has many meanings but some of the most agreed upon include:

  • The power giving continuance of life present in all living things

  • The flow of life-giving energy

  • The state of being strong and active

  • Capacity for continuation of purposeful existence

  • Power to live or grow

  • The peculiarity distinguishing the living from non-living


One of the most fundamental parts of the Witality™ system is our breath. This is actually something that separates the living from the non-living. Breath is life and Witalij uses it in a very broad spectrum of ways to produce a variety of benefits.

Witalij believes that the majority of sickness both mental, physical and spiritual comes from the stuck and unprocessed energy that didn’t find an outlet out of our system. Wether it is unprocessed emotion, chronic pain, or childhood trauma, Witalij sees it all as energy. As he discovered on his journey, breathing in specific rhythms and intensities combined with a crafted guidance, allows that energy to move and to be released. During his process we alter our state of consciousness while gaining a different perspective on our life and connecting to our body’s own intellect that jumpstarts the healing process.


Removing stuck energy and emotional baggage is one of the first and most important steps one can do in order to get back their vitality. The process that Witalij takes people on during his live experiences allows the participants to not only achieve the cognitive catharsis (connect the dots) but also release the energy from the body and tap into the spiritual aspect of their existence which brings a lot of clarity and peace. The live events are usually very intense, please read more about it by clicking here -> live events.

After the fogginess, confusion and numbness caused by the blockages has been released, we can then start building our energetic capacity and sensitivity that is essential for creating a more authentic and purpose driven life.


Even though the work of release itself is a powerful healing tool, it is important to treat it as a catalyst for change, not a quick fix. Maintaining the vitality requires a lot of discipline on a daily basis, as the next stages of the work become daily practices of increasing our capacity and sensitivity to energy and building up our energetic structures.


Witalij is currently in the process of recording and building up programs for the work that he does on a daily basis that's necessary after the release. Please stay tuned for the upcoming updates.



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Who is this good for?

​People who want to heal their negative experiences, resentment, remove blocks from the body, cleanse themselves of other people's influence and release the suppressed emotions that can lead or have already lead to many physiological dysfunctions.

Professional and amateur athletes. The best of the best have daily breathing practices in their routine. It gives them balance, improves physical and mental recovery, brings them back to center and produce more frequent states of being in the zone during performance.

People who want to explore their life's purpose and dive in to spiritual development. There's a wide range of work through Witality™ system reaching from very light meditative states to the states of out of body/mystical experiences that often lead to self-realization and the death of ego.

People who work in the corporate and business environments where stress loads are often mind-blowing. Witality will bring their hormonal, cardiovascular and neurological health back to the homeostasis so they can focus on completing important and stressful tasks at their highest level.

Want to know more about the breath?

There is a handful of different breathing practices and many masters out there. Most of the breathing techniques came out of the ancient India in the form of energy-moving exercises called Pranayamas. They were designed to increase your body's energetic capacity and cultivate your mind-body balance and well-being by manipulating breath rhythms and techniques. Throughout the thousands of years, more and more practices started to get out to the surface with many interesting benefits to them. The scientific world is slowly studying and admitting their effectiveness in treating many illnesses, disorders and more... A lot that is happening during the breathing practices can be explained by science, and a lot that comes from understanding what energy is and how to manipulate it. Witalij combines both worlds in his work. To be specific there are two very distinct processes that occur during many of these practices:

1. Intermittent Hypoxia

(in other words - controlled oxygen deprivation)

  • When utilizing certain rhythms of breath, our body is not able to absorb the required oxygen. We consciously decrease the supply of oxygen to the blood. This way we put our body into a micro-stress that activates a compensation mechanism, as a result of which the volume of red cells increases. This leads to improved blood quality and improved metabolism that cleanses our system.

  • We trick our body into thinking that it is in life danger and suddenly our 'reserve' energy is directed to the areas in our body that need the most healing to keep us alive. We basically activate our body's self-healing properties.

  • Because our cells are deprived of oxygen, now they start to crave it. Picture this as a cellular fasting in result of which new cells are formed and old cells are restored to their proper functioning. It's as if our body gets shocked into remembering it's purpose.

  • In the process of changing our physiology, we also drastically change our state of consciousness. Our critical mind filter is no longer active and we're able to tap in to our limbic system, our subconscious mind, where a lot of long term emotional memory, childhood trauma and roots of our beliefs are stored. With a proper intention, we are able to remove the things that do not serve us anymore. A lot of bad habits, toxic relationships and unhealthy patterns can be released through this process not only from our mind but our body as well.

2. Oxygen Saturation

  • Just as Albert Einstein said: We can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it. During this effect, we have an access to a very deep meditative state and sometimes an out-of-body kind of experiences that brings us incredible amount of clarity, insight and deeper understanding of our life.

  • In this state we also feel an intense waves of energy pouring in and flowing within our body. This state brings a lot of joy, gratitude, love and many health benefits including balancing hormone levels and other physical functions. This is the state that we want to operate from on a daily basis if we wanted to be successful in anything we do.

  • Depending on the intensity of the practice, those states produce different spiritual realizations, ego-death and 'in the zone' sensations where everything seems possible and everything comes to you effortlessly.



You will receive your practice shortly!

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