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You can't change the past, but you can regain the energy lost to your past!

What will happen after my first practice?

Emotional lightness and balance
Boost of energy, creativity and willpower
Relief of some psychosomatic symptoms
Realization of true goals and needs
Mental Clarity
Decreased inflammation in the body
Confidence about your own path & goals
Release of some repressed subconscious material
Deep connection with yourself and with the outer world
Physical tension release
Release of guilt, shame, grief, heartbreak, anger 

*Now, you can only imagine the benefits of the whole program!

" I've been through a lot of trauma throughout my life. I've done many years of therapy, seen psychics, healers and spirit guides... None of that compares even closely to what I've experienced after just one session with Witalij. It is a complete transfromation of mind, body and spirit."

- Ekaterina Lisina
(Olympic Medalist, World Tallest Supermodel)

What does the program include?

1 Hour of Video Material To Guide Your Transformation
30min Video Guide Into Morning Pranayama Practices
3x Unique 1-Hour Long Guided Emotional Release Practices
3x Unique 10-20min Daily Guided Breathworks
1x Extreme 1-Hour Long Shamanic Breathwork
1x 1-Hour Long Spiritual Awakening Breathwork
Lifetime Access
New Content Every Month



Fraction of the price for other transformational courses that are only about theory of how things should work. Here we have 10% Theory and 90% of practice that shows immediate results and targets the roots of the problems instead of the symptoms.

How do I know if this program is for me?

Answer these following questions for yourself:

  • Do you suffer from chronic pain or frequent body aches and physical discomfort?

  • Do you easily get angry and annoyed with things and people?

  • Do you live from paycheck to paycheck?

  • Do you feel like you're spinning in a wheel of survival patterns and unhealthy behaviors?

  • Is it hard fo you to regulate your emotions?

  • Have you recently experienced a loss or a bad break-up?

  • Do you often feel uninspired?

  • Do you feel like your life sucks but you don't have enough energy or ideas to change things around?

  • Do you often experience anxiety and/or depression?

  • Do you struggle with falling asleep at night?

  • Do you often feel out of juice, low energy?

  • Is it hard for you to stay focused on the task?

If you've answered YES more than once, then you came to the right place!

What are you going to learn?

  • The roots of many of your problems (relationships, finances, careers)

  • Why things that you've tried haven't worked how you expected 

  • What actually works

  • Why breathwork is one of the most powerful healing modalities

  • Why you can't achieve your set goals and how to change that

  • How to connect to your higher-self

  • How to experience more joy and satisfaction of life

  • How to have more energy

  • How to heal chronic pain 

  • How to instantly improve your mental health 

Check out the video from one of my Emotional Release Breathwork Events!

Here's what some of my participants had to say!



“I am so thankful that I discovered Witalij and his breathwork class. I didn’t realize how much of an impact this would have on me. My entire state of being was different afterwards. I was suddenly calm and centered and at peace after. It was magical. I have recommended this class to many of my loved ones since my experience because I want everyone to experience this amazing healing.”



"This is some really powerful stuff... Everyone needs to do this to realize how much tension they have in their bodies and how many emotions they've suppressed throughout their life. Very powerful!"

RCS_4144-1_websize (1).JPG


"My husband and I did a private couples breathwork class with Witalij. I truly enjoyed his loving energy & his intelligence. He really knows his stuff and explained it so we felt prepared each step of the way.  I felt centered and connected to my self, my body, and my husband. We quieted our thoughts and came from our heart. It was a beautiful experience that allowed us connect to one another in a deeper and more profound way. I enjoy breathwork because it allows you to go outside of your thoughts and into deep state, no matter what."



"After one session with Witalij, I became a completely new person. All the negativity i was surrounded by stopped bothering me. I feel so much freedom with my body, my emotions, my breathing. I've never felt this way before. The amount of energy and focus I have is insane! If you are at the breaking point in your life, when all the hell breaks loose, you absolutely must get a session with Witalij!"

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