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Abundance • Gratitude • Prayer • Service Direction • Endurance • Honor


In many indigenous traditions, Buffalo was considered the most sacred of all animals. In Lakota language the word "tatanka" which means the buffalo is very similar to the word "wakan tanka" which translates to The Great Spirit, the concept of life force, the power and the sacredness that resides in everything. When you feel connected to the buffalo, it's a reminder to pray, to reconnect to the Great Spirit, to give thanks and show gratitude for everything you have in your life with reverence and humility. When buffalo shows up in one way or another, consider your prayers to be answered. In many cultures buffalo symbolized abundance as it was the major source of food and clothing for the natives. When the storm approaches, buffalos gather together and go right inside of it. They understand that this is the fastest way through. Invite the spirit of the buffalo into your life if you're in need of courage and direction. Be humble enough to ask for help. It is time to make peace within yourself.

.: 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton 
.: Light fabric 
.: Runs true to size



Buffalo Spirit 2023 Tour T- Shirt

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