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Eagle represents our connection to the divine, our spiritual growth and strength. It soars higher than any other bird, therefore it invites us to gain a higher perspective on our life. In many cultures eagle symbolizes freedom, freedom from the mind, freedom of self-expression. They are also seen as protectors of sacred places and wisdom keepers, who bring messages from the spirit realm. They encourage us to look deeper into our spiritual path, to face our fears and find our inner courage to understand our purpose and power. Eagles are the masters of the air element, reminding us of the power of the air, our breath and its importance. When eagle is showing up in your life, it means you've been taking on a spiritual path that is full of ups and downs. Remember to ask the energy, the spirit of the eagle to guide you, to give you a broader understanding so you're not stuck in the drama of the daily life. It's time to fly, time to spread your wings freely. Eagle encourages you to be wise, clear, connected and concise with your speech. Speak few words, fully grounded in your power. Observe. Listen.


Eagle Spirit 2023 Tour Crewneck

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