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Protection • Courage • Introspection Clarity • Intuition • Patience


The bear is seen as a wise and spiritual creature and often represents new beginnings, second chances and clarity in the places of confusion and denial. Bears are known for their appetite for honey, or the sweetness of truth. Their energy offers protection, guidance, and comfort, particularly in times of hardship. In many indigenous cultures, the bear is associated with the abundance, fertility and feminine divine. The bear seeks inner knowledge by going to the cave to hybernate and connecting with the realm of the unseen. The spirit of the bear calls for acceptance and alignment with the cycles of nature and life. It knows exactly when it needs to recover and utilizes the support of the Mother Earth to do so. Have you been sitting in your cave for too long? Or maybe you've been overworking yourself? Spirit of the bear is there to help you find a healthy balance. Ask for its guidance and presence in your life and you will soon start feeling the missing strength, clarity and courage to regain your power. Find joy in silence.

.: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
.: Loose fit
.: Runs true to size




Bear Spirit 2023 Tour Crewneck

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