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Wolfs are the pathfinders, the teachers, the leaders, the protectors and the howlers. We all associate the wolf with the moon, which is the symbol for psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. Howling at the moon may be an indication of the wolfs desire to connect with new ideas which are just below the surface of consciousness. Wolf energy awakens the teacher within us all to come forth. If you're connected to the wolf, that means that maybe you're ready to share your personal medicine with others. Wolves are the fierce protectors and loyal companions who will fight to defend their family. They are said to be highly empathic, able to connect with and understand the emotions of others. They instill courage and strength in those that seek their counsel. As much as they are a pack animal, wolf could also be guiding you to seek out lonely places that will allow you to see your teacher within. Look for the teachings everywhere. If you don't have regular spiritual practice, it's time to get one. It's time to tune in to the master inside of you.


.: 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton 
.: Light fabric 

.: Runs true to size


Wolf Spirit 2023 Tour T- Shirt

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